A comprehensive facilities product range that puts your health and well being at the top of the agenda.

The concept of wellness in the office is really taking off; our customers want clean, healthy workplaces because they know that achieving this improves productivity within the team.

If you think about it, it is a very ‘hands-on’ experience being in the workplace; from sitting at our desks to using the facilities throughout the day, we are constantly ‘experiencing the workplace’ and if it’s not up to scratch, whether we are uncomfortable at our desk or the kitchen is not kept clean, it can have a negative impact on productivity. This is where our facilities range really comes into its own. Designed with the health and well being of the employee in mind, our product range takes each instance where an employee comes into contact with the office, from wiping their feet at the front door to making lunch in the shared kitchen, and strives to offer the right product for the job, at the right price.

Our facilities range covers the following:

Coffee machines and water coolers
White goods
Floor cleaning equipment